A javascript library to cover your page in editable sticky notes.

This project is maintained by paulmand3l


Click anywhere on the page at any time to create a new sticky note and start editing.

While editing, enter submits changes and esc cancels changes.

While not editing, hover over the stickynote with the mouse and press one of y, b, r, g, p, m, c, t, or w to change the color of the stickynote.

stickynote colors

Drag a sticky note to move it. Double click on a sticky note to delete it.

It takes a little getting used to, since usually you click outside the note to submit/cancel changes. Once you get used to it, though, this way is much faster.


Clearly the only place to put stickynotes is on a whiteboard, so:

var whiteboard = new Whiteboard();

The Whiteboard constructor takes an optional jQuery selector to confine the whiteboard to a particular section of page, defaulting to 'body'.

var whiteboard = new Whiteboard('#whiteboard');


Just include both stickynotes.js and stickynotes.css in your page.

Also requires jQuery. Sorry.